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Bhaile Craft Bakery

Bhaile Craft Bakery

The ethos of Bhaile Craft Bakery is to peel back to the husk of basics to create beautiful bread, made by hand with four simple ingredients, salt, flour, water, passion.

The naturally-leavened sourdough, with all-natural ingredients and importantly with no additives or preservatives added; results in a delicious tasting bread which is easier for our bodies to digest. It’s easy to taste why it has risen above the rest! Bhaile Craft Bakery in Ayr is the heartbeat of the business, where the company bakes all of their goods, using only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Produce is then delivered from here to the Troon and Alloway bakeries, whilst still warm from the oven.

Bhaile Craft Bakery in Troon brings a ‘Bread Boutique’ to the town. It provides an ever-changing selection of breads, pastries and cakes. Of course, the ever-popular mainstays are the Kapnor, The Cracked Rye and the ‘bread ahead’ of all others, the signature ‘award-winning’ Sourdough.

There will also be ‘unique-to-Troon Bhaile’ products that will be tasty treats with big personalities! Bhaile in Troon is boutique in nature and natural in taste!

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