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14th June 2019 John Siddle

Top 10 reasons to visit Coventry and Warwickshire!

There are many reasons to visit Coventry and Warwickshire, but here are the top 10. 

1. Family fun

There is plenty to attract families and kids of all ages here. Who wouldn’t want to have a butterfly land on you at Stratford Butterfly Farm or pet a guinea pig at Hatton Country World?

Stratford Butterfly Farm

Nature lovers won’t be short of activities in Coventry and Warwickshire!

2. City of culture

Coventry is the winner of the 2021 UK City of Culture and is getting ready to gear up for its moment in the spotlight. Best to visit now before the crowds arrive. England’s ninth largest city is only an hour away by train to London.

3. The legend

The story of Lady Godiva parading through the streets of Coventry in only her birthday suit and the mischievous Peeping Tom has been passed down through the generations. So much so there’s a statue and kitsch – but much-loved – moving clock in the town centre that depicts the scene on the hour, every hour.

4. The music

More than a few musicians have been born and bred in this region. The Specials, The Enemy, and even Pete Waterman, a Coventry native himself, launched the careers of household names such as Kylie Minogue. Music is still at the heart of the Coventry Godiva Festival, held every year.

5. An automobile heritage

Once upon a time Coventry was the car manufacturing capital of the world. This automobile theme still continues with two impressive museums (The Transport Museum in Coventry and the British Motor Museum in Gaydon) dedicated to the two, three and four-wheeled vehicles produced here.

6. History galore

In Warwick Castle – built in 1068 – Warwickshire boasts one of the most impressive medieval structures in the country. In Coventry’s medieval Spon Street, Kenilworth’s incredible castle and the Lunt Roman Fort there’s plenty for history buffs to soak up.

7. Literary greats

William Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon brings in 10 million visitors each year and supports 11,000 jobs in the area. Wandering around the thatched roofs and timber clad buildings you could be in the middle of one of his sonnets. The literary theme continues with Poet Laureate Phillip Larkin, who was born in Radford, Coventry.

8. Sport

The historic rugby team Wasps date back to 1867 but their move from London to Coventry in 2014 means the locals claim them as their own. They regularly offer top-class sporting entertainment at their home in the Ricoh Arena, fitting as the sport originated from Rugby, the second largest town in Warwickshire.


The sport of Rugby was invented in its namesake, Rugby, Warwickshire

9. Shopping

The white regency buildings of The Parade in Leamington Spa or the buzzing Lower Precinct in Coventry have all the high street and boutique stores you will need. If you’re after something a little more homegrown then visit one of the many of the historic market towns to pick up a bargain.

10. Greenery

Wander around the large War Memorial Park in Coventry, have a paddle in the outside paddling pool of St Nicholas’ Park, Warwick, or soak up the flora and fauna of Jephson Gardens. Tree hugging optional.

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Image credits: ©British Motor Museum; Coventry Transport Museum; Mischa Haller; ScottDavis2/Adobe Stock; Stratford Butterfly Farm

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