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Manchester United Football Club

Manchester United Football Club

The story of Manchester United Football Club is unlike any other club in the world. Beginning more than a century ago, it combines eras of total English and European domination with some of the greatest adversity faced by any football club.

Only at the Old Trafford Museum & Tour Centre can you see the stadium through the eyes of Manchester United greats themselves. Get even closer to the world of Manchester United and share 130 years of football in the Museum. We advise visitors to arrive at least one hour before their tour time to look around the award winning Museum.

The Museum also offers a range of education programmes for students of all ages.

Why not make your trip extra special by booking one of the unique tours? Cruise down to Old Trafford from Manchester city centre on a canal barge before embarking on a tour of the Theatre of Dreams, or take a tour with a legend from the Club such as Lee Martin or Arthur Albiston.

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