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Oxford Castle and Prison

Oxford Castle and Prison

Come and explore the 1,000 year history of Oxford Castle and Prison. Step back in time with the costumed guided tours and see fascinating stories come to life. Hear the great tales of Empress Matilda and the fate of Mary Blandy. Step inside the padded jail cell and meet the notorious ‘Black Panther’, a vicious prisoner held here in the 1970s.

Find gorgeous views atop of St. Georges Tower and then descend into the atmospheric crypt of St Georges Chapel. Here you can touch the stones were Oxford University was rumoured to begin and stand in the birthplace of Geofrey of Monmouths account of King Arthur. Explore the austere confines of the prisons’ D-Wing and debtors tower and learn about the youngest inmates.

After your guided tour, you can explore the prison cells at your own leisure and dress up like a prisoner in the exhibition space. Then head outside and climb the mound, the remains of the motte and bailey castle.

In the summer, Oxford Castle and Prison host Knight School, a medieval inspired workshop which trains children into becoming little warriors. The Shakespeare Festival is an Oxford summer staple whilst Ghost Fest is sure to give you a scare over Halloween.

The gift shop has an amazing range of castle and prison themed products, which you won’t find anywhere else. Sit down with a nice cup of coffee in the cafe, spread out your map and plan where next to go in Oxford.

Open from 10am-4.20pm daily

Guided tours up to every 20 minutes.
Guided tour lasts approximately one hour.

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