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Destination Inspired LISTS

Deliver your message to a tailored travel audience

Our LISTS are a cost-effective vehicle to place your business in front of an audience of potential customers.

Offering a content platform for only 4-8 businesses in each of Kingfisher Visitor Guides’ travel categories, LISTS are designed to replicate the native look and feel of our editorial and are complemented by a dedicated social media campaign each quarter to increase audience views and engagement.

LIST example: Great family days out near Newcastle upon Tyne

Download media info and rates: KVG Lists Media Info

Destination Inspired Sponsored Content

Our original content is expertly crafted by the Kingfisher Visitor Guides content team, uploaded to and made available to our 150,000+ annual website visitors. Additionally, for the first seven days of your content campaign going live, our content distribution team will run a targeted promotional campaign across social media channels.

Sponsored content and your business

When looking to attract new customers content marketing is the art of selling without the sales pitch. Informative, entertaining, educational. And always engaging. Our experienced team of content strategists will identify and target the right audience and deliver optimized content, creating a powerful vehicle to promote who you are, what you do and, importantly, why you are the number one choice when visitors are planning their itineraries and making their decisions for what to do in their chosen destination.

Sponsored Content example: Have you taken the time to visit Spanish City yet?

Download media info and rates: Sponsored Content Media Info

Social Media

As the UK & Ireland’s premier travel destination publisher, Kingfisher Visitor Guides is perfectly placed to partner with your business in designing, optimizing and reporting on, bespoke Facebook and Instagram campaigns to promote your brand, service and offer to a travel-ready audience planning to come, arriving in or already at the destination where your business operates.

Facebook & Instagram destination advertising for your business

Targeted Facebook and Instagram campaigns are increasingly important to businesses advertising to destination visitors, especially with the decline in organic reach through owned Facebook business pages.

Effectively utilising Facebook audience customisation and wide-ranging ad formats plays a pivotal role in ensuring campaign success.

Our experienced Social Media team are expert in understanding client campaign objectives, helping to deliver on goals: awareness, consideration, conversion. We work with you to identify and target travellers currently in specific destinations, or planning to journey to a certain location, as well as those users who have expressed a liking for areas of interest such as:

Restaurants • Museums • Activities or local attractions • Sporting events • Concerts • Shopping venues

Options exist to integrate retargeting into your campaigns to continue engagement with users who have previously visited your website, helping to increase the success of your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.

Download media info and rates: Social Media Info Sheet

Premium Sponsorship

The Kingfisher Visitor Guides website is an attractive, relevant and brand-safe environment to align your business name and heritage to our unique destination content, enhanced by takeover display ad units, premium sponsorship content articles and co-branded, specifically-targeted Facebook ad campaigns.

Our Premium Sponsorship and your business

Elevate your business with Kingfisher Visitor Guides’ standout travel content. Our UK & Ireland team of writers and designers can help support your local marketing objectives with an inclusive sponsorship package that makes you an integral part of our story.

Premium Sponsorship Features

12-month Destination Section Ownership: Your company logo and ‘sponsored by…’ tag to appear in prime position at the top of each sponsorship section page.

12-month Destination Section Banner Takeover: All display ad units within selected sponsored section to be occupied by your ad creative.

Premium Sponsorship of a destination also includes the addition of your company logo on the front cover of our related printed guide, your company website URL on the book’s spine and a full page advert in the guide.

Premium Sponsorship example: Newcastle and Gateshead

Download media info and rates: Premium Sponsorship Media Info

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