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A philosopher once wrote “Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey”. What then could be better than travelling in style, comfort, and safety to the best attractions the UK has to offer? This is the service you can expect when you trust your travel to Jonny-Rocks Ltd, the luxury VIP chauffeur service which is taking the world of executive travel by storm.

Home-grown, world-class chauffeuring

Founded in 2015 by British Army veteran Jonathon Horrocks – now widely known by his trade name – Jonny-Rocks Chauffeurs guarantees that customers will arrive safely, comfortably, and stylishly.

The service, which is expanding throughout the UK, has grown from humble beginnings thanks to Jonny’s ironclad dedication to providing the highest quality customer service, and ensuring his customers receive the ride of their lives every time.

Whether it’s as simple as getting from A to B in style, or when customers need a guide or personal protection, Jonny-Rocks has it covered.

“When you engage us, you’ll be dealing with real people whose priority is your satisfaction and well-being,” Jonny says.

“Your personal driver will be in contact with you within 12 hours prior of your trip to ensure you know who they are, and to accommodate any last-minute changes you require.

“You can rest easy knowing your driver knows the area, that they live and work there, and that they’re licensed by both national and local authorities.”

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The drive to succeed

The firm counts VIPs, top CEOs and corporate directors, cruise line explorers, and families among its regular customers.

“The keys to our success are our reliability, our personal approach to every customer, and our dedication to earning their trust,” Jonny says.

“When you engage Jonny-Rocks, the car is yours, the driver is yours, and your concerns are ours. You can relax knowing that the driver is on your schedule and the car will be available when you need it.”

Jonny-Rocks makes an extra effort to pair customers with locally-knowledgeable drivers who they’ll come to know over repeated bookings.

Customers receive their driver’s direct phone number when booking, so they can change plans as needed without having to go through a middle-man.

A Jonny-Rocks luxury Mercedes-Benze S-Class saloon stands in front of a private jet

Whether you’re being picked up from home, a hotel, a cruise ship, or an international airport, Jonny-Rocks Chauffeurs will be there on time.

Despite the firm’s rapid growth and success, Jonny’s mission is to guarantee the same top-class service no matter where you are.

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Not all cars are born equal – only the best for Jonny-Rocks

“We don’t believe in taking mid-range vehicles and trying to convince customers they’re being chauffeured in luxury models,” Jonny says. “We strive to be the best, and that means only using the top-of-the-range models that a brand has to offer, as well as the best chauffeurs.”

“We focus on providing two flagship models from Mercedes-Benz: the S-Class saloon and the V-Class MPV. These are genuine full-size, top-of-the-range vehicles designed for luxury travel.”

“The latest S-Class offers luxury car buyers all they could ever want in a discreetly stylish package…the S-Class is world class. Of that, there’s no doubt.”

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A safe pair of hands

Whether in the car or while enjoying the sights, Jonny-Rocks will keep its customers safe. The firm’s full bodyguard service is made-up of protection officers recruited from the police and the military – experts Jonny knows he can rely on to make good decisions under pressure and safeguard his customers.

A Jonny-Rocks chauffeur assists a VIP from a Mercedes-Benz V-Class MPV

Your safety is their priority

Jonny adds: “The Jonny-Rocks difference is that we provide a driver AND a bodyguard. We think it’s important that if you need protection, there’s someone with you whose ONLY concern is your safety – they can leave the driving to the driver, and focus on protecting you.”

A guiding light

Once you arrive at your destination, there’s no reason the five-star treatment has to end. As well as taking customers directly to attractions all over the UK, Jonny-Rocks also provides expert guides to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

All guides engaged by Jonny-Rocks are accredited Blue Badge Tourist Guides and members of the Guild of Tourist Guides, which means they can be guaranteed to offer extensive knowledge and the best experience of any given location.

How to book

To engage Jonny-Rocks Chauffeurs, click here for a quote.


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