Independent shopping in the city of Bath

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Bath is a shopper’s paradise with a plentiful supply of independent boutiques. Here are some of the best places to shop while visiting.

Milsom Place
Milsom Place sign Bath

41 Milsom Street, Bath BA1 1DN

Milsom Place is the perfect destination for the some of the finest retail brands and independent boutiques in Bath. If you are in search of artistic style, beautiful design or the latest fashions, either for you, the home or for someone special, these retailers have what you are looking for. Visit website

Chanii B

9 Milsom Place, Bath BA1 1BZ

Don’t tell everyone, but one of the UK’s most exciting shoe designers is based right here in Bath. Chantal Pilon designs all of the shoes, boots, bags and accessories for her unique brand, Chanii B, and her flagship store features her full range of classic styles and catwalk trends. Every limited-edition piece is crafted from beautiful leather, inside and out, in a vast array of colours and finishes. So whether you’re looking for your staple winter boot or a shoe to party in all night, sneak to Chanii B today and find your unique design. Visit website

Nicholas Wylde
Nicholas Wylde

12 Northumberland Place, Bath BA1 5AR

While in the Roman city of Bath, take a stroll down ancient streets to discover the South West’s leading designer jeweller and experience the ‘Wylde effect’. The beautiful and unique Georgian city of Bath, known for its classic Palladian architecture and historic past, is where Nicholas Wylde originally begun his career as a world-renowned designer jeweller over 25 years ago and where his flagship store is situated today. Visit website

Homefront Interiors

10 Margaret’s Buildings, Bath BA1 2LP

Everything at Homefront Interiors follows their ethos of sustainability, whether that means recycled materials, FairTrade origins, small-scale hand-made production, or simply showing a little love and care to vintage finds rather than replacing them with something new. Vanessa is a self-confessed addict to the pot-luck thrill of flea markets, junk shops and auctions, where you never know quite what wonderful treasures and unexpected inspirations you might unearth, and personally curates the gorgeously eclectic selection of items on sale. Visit website

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