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06th March 2019 Sue Ormesher

Top 10 reasons to visit Liverpool!

1. Its music

10 Reasons Liverpool

The world renowned pop sensation, The Beatles, were from came beginnings in Liverpool

For a relatively small city, Liverpool has enjoyed worldwide fame. There’s The Beatles, of course – four lads who changed the way music developed around the globe. But there are so many others, both before and after The Beatles, who have enjoyed their time in the spotlight and at the top of the charts. So much so that Liverpool was named as the official UK Capital of Pop Music by the Guinness Book of Records for its staggering amount of number one artistes. And you only have to wander the streets of Liverpool in the evening to realise it’s not in the past – you’ll hear the sounds of live music coming from dozens of venues; this is a city still moving to its own beat.

2. Its sporting pedigree

Sport in Liverpool is like breathing – you really can’t live without it. From the grass roots level of kick-abouts in the park to world-renowned brands like Liverpool Football Club and the Grand National, Liverpool and sport go hand in hand. We’ve produced Olympic boxers, gymnasts, swimmers and cyclists, not to mention a fair few football internationals in our time. And even if you’re not quite at that standard yourself, there are so many great sporting facilities you can enjoy while you’re here – including miles and miles of glorious greens on England’s Golf Coast.

3. Its glamour

You will never see women like Liverpool women – from the designer-clad footballers’ wives through to a Saturday night out in town, this is a city that values glamour. Liverpool enjoys fashion, makes it fun, and really knows how to turn on the style. You’ll find fresh takes on catwalk trends, bare legs in the dead of winter and smiles that light up the night.

4. Its architecture

You might not automatically associate Liverpool with fine architecture, but you’re in for a surprise when you get here. This is a city with a grand past as one of the central hubs of the British Empire, and it has the buildings to match. Liverpool has more Grade 2-listed buildings than any other city in the UK outside London and more Georgian buildings than Bath. Wandering its streets is like talking a walk through history – and with lots of iconic towers and new structures as well, you can see our architecture will remain a talking point for years to come.

5. Its waterfront

10 Reasons Liverpool

Liverpool boasts an impressive riverside on the banks of the River Mersey

The mighty River Mersey has dominated the way this city has developed, from the earliest settlements on its banks through to its role as bustling port and its current incarnation. The river has been a magnet for people, for trade and for leisure, and its stunning buildings, landscape and city panorama is still one of the most iconic waterside views in the world – so much so that it has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The riverside, outside of the city and into the outlying regions as well, also provides a unique habitat for some amazing wildlife and plants.

6. Its people

Being a ‘Scouser’ is more than just about where you were born – it’s a way of life. Any excuse for a party, a great sense of humour, and the willingness to see strangers as friends you haven’t met yet – these all go into the make-up of Liverpool’s people. When Liverpool was bidding to become European Capital of Culture 2008, one of its biggest selling points – acknowledged by the judges – was its people, with their enthusiasm, warmth and love for their home town. If you spend a weekend (or even an hour!) in Liverpool, you are likely to leave with a memory that makes you smile.

7. Its shopping

There’s no such thing as just ‘popping to the shops’ in Liverpool – there are just too many, selling too many fabulous things! It’s hard to resist any of the shopping centres – the huge new Liverpool ONE development and the classy Metquarter among them – but equally as enticing are the smaller, quirky shops that you’ll find in Liverpool. All of your high street and designer names are here, but you’ll also find a wealth of hand-made crafts, jewellery, clothes and some great Liverpool mementoes to remind you of your visit – even your own miniature Superlambanana.

8. Its art and culture

Liverpool and the surrounding region has more museums, theatres and galleries than any other outside London. Its museums and galleries, including the Walker Art Gallery, World Museum Liverpool and the Lady Lever Gallery, are of a nationally-important standard, housing some of the UK’s great treasures. Our theatres and orchestra are thriving and continuing to produce cutting-edge work and talent that attract international attention.

9. Its food and drink

10 Reasons, Liverpool

George’s Great British Kitchen, Paradise Street

Liverpool people like to enjoy themselves – and it shows in the huge range of bars and restaurants you will find in the city. From ultra-modern new eateries and continental-style pavement cafes to traditional greasy spoons, the food is fabulous. And if you fancy a drink, there is everything from wonderfully old-fashioned pubs where you can sip real ale and enjoy some good conversation to full-on booming bars. Cocktails, cappuccinos, tapas or toast – you can find it here in Liverpool. And with the surrounding north west region and Wales providing superb local produce to many of the city’s restaurants, you can always enjoy fresh, fine seasonal meals.

10. Its location

Liverpool is easy to reach from so many places, via rail, road or plane. And once you are here, if you have time, it is located in a fantastic area – as well as more local pleasures such as Southport, our beaches, and the Wirral Peninsula, you are within very easy striking distance of some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK (North Wales and the Lakes, for example) as well as other bustling towns and cities. You can also use it as a great way of travelling further afield – with connecting flights to many European and domestic locations; connections via Amsterdam to the rest of the world, and even good old-fashioned ferries to places like Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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