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16th March 2019 Gill Oliver

Top 10 reasons to visit Oxfordshire!

1. Food and drink to suit every taste

10 Reasons Oxfordshire

Sample fresh produce at Oxford Covered Market

Whether it’s sampling local produce and picking up tips at a bustling farmers’ market, splashing out on a slap-up dinner at an award-winning restaurant or trying exotic world cuisine, Oxfordshire really has it all.

2. The mix of old world and new

We’ve some of the best shopping in the South East, including designer outlet villages, chic boutiques and all the major high street brands. We’ve got multiplex cinemas, business schools and industrial parks. But the region cherishes its past, too. Look closely at any street and you’ll find buildings that span hundreds of years, cyclists sharing the road with cars, old dons and fresh undergraduates.

3. The scenery

Rolling hills, honey-coloured Cotswold cottages, idyllic riverbanks – it’s no wonder so many locals think this county can’t be beaten.

4. Some of the best pubs in the country

Eating out in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire has some of the best traditional pubs in the UK

Want to visit the place where Rosamund The Fair reportedly used to meet King Henry II? How about a pint in the tavern where rock band Radiohead played their first gig? Or maybe you want to sit in the spot that inspired writers such as CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien? You’ll find it all here – plus award-winning, locally-brewed ales.

5. The culture

Aside from fostering the fledgling talents of some of our best known writers, artists, playwrights and musicians, Oxfordshire is home to some of the best art collections in the world, the first ever public museum and a few of the country’s grandest stately homes.

6. Diversity

People from all over the world come to study and live in Oxford, lending the city a vibrant, cosmopolitan feel. You’ll hear every language from Urdu to Polish and are as likely to catch colourful Eid celebrations as a Christmas lights switch-on.

7. Its quirkiness

Cotswold cottages with sloping floors, a luxury hotel in a former prison, a museum full of folklore charms. Oxfordshire has long had a reputation for charming eccentricity.

8. A more relaxed pace of life

While our cities and town centres are filled with shoppers and visitors, head out just a few miles into the countryside and you’ll find this is the perfect region to wind-down and get some much-needed R‘n’R. While away a few hours watching the world go by on the riverside, spot wildlife and enjoy breathing air free of pollution.

9. The architecture

10 Reasons Oxfordshire

The Radcliffe Camera is a neo-classical building that stands in the grounds at Oxford University

The ‘city of dreaming spires’ has one of the most recognisable skylines in the world, including the 800-year-old Radcliffe Camera and the Carfax Tower. The county is also home to Blenheim Palace, William Morris’ Tudor country house and beautiful Broughton Castle.

10. Traditions

Morrismen and maypole dancers welcoming in the spring, university graduates dashing down the street in full academic dress during exam season, choristers singing from Magdalen Tower on the first day of May. Centuries of history have created some of the most iconic images of English life.

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