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Whether it be Game of Thrones’ Longclaw, Lord of the Rings’ Anduril, or Outlander’s basket-hilt, a legendary weapon lies at the heart of every great story – and you can uncover yours at The Knights Vault in Edinburgh.

When we’re children, it only takes a stick to instantly become Aragorn fighting off the Nazgul, or Geralt the Witcher slaying some mighty beast.

As we get older, a stick doesn’t really do it anymore, but luckily, The Knights Vault in Edinburgh is at hand to help fulfil your high adventure fantasies.

The Knights Vault, in Edinburgh - exterior

These friendly fellas stand ready to welcome visitors to The Knights Vault

Quite ready for another adventure

Instantly recognisable thanks to the suit of armour and kilted Highlander standing outside, the shop is ideally placed in the heart of the ancient Scottish capital to welcome any fans of fantasy and history alike.

Any devotee of Lord of the Rings, The Witcher, Highlander, Outlander, or Game of Thrones is certain to find something exquisite among The Knights Vault’s extensive collection of iconic weapons, armour, accessories, and gifts.

The Knights Vault, in Edinburgh - interior

Step inside The Knights Vault and breathe in the scent of adventure!

Fantasy comes alive

Charis Fleming, company director, says: “I just love meeting people who have such a passion for stories, shows, and games.

“It’s incredible to see first-time visitors come into the shop and just walk around, taking it all in with this wonderful childlike gleam in their eyes.

“Suddenly, these amazing pieces of art that they’ve only ever seen on a screen have come to life.”

As well as many items inspired by some of the most popular fictional works of all time, the Knights Vault also stocks a variety of historical and antique items, and even some that fall somewhere between fantasy and reality.

Selection of swords and shields at The Knights Vault

Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings inspire much of The Knights Vault’s extensive armory

For example, fans of Scottish time-travelling drama Outlander won’t find a more authentic version of Highlander Jamie Fraser’s iconic basket-hilt sword.

This breathtaking piece of true craftsmanship is forged for The Knight’s Vault by the same blacksmiths who produce weapons for the series.

The incredibly detailed weapon is available as both a display piece and a battle-ready, hand-forged blade.

All that is gold does not glitter

If armour and weaponry isn’t necessarily your thing, the Knights Vault also stocks a staggering variety of jewellery and giftware, sourcing as many handmade items as possible from local artisans,

Coats of arms and heraldic gifts are also available through sister company Ancestral Name, so you can display your own unique history with ease.

Not all who wander are lost

102 West Bow, Edinburgh, EH1 2HH



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