Top 10 reasons to visit North Yorkshire and the Dales

By Joe Willis

There are many reasons to visit North Yorkshire and the Dales, but here are the top 10. 

Great food

North Yorkshire boasts some of the country’s most talented chefs who have the finest local produce at their fingertips. Fish served just hours after being caught off the East Coast, tender grass-fed lamb from the Moors and Dales, cheese from the creameries at Botton Village and Hawes, traditionally-made jams and chutneys, fresh honey, home-made cakes and scones – anyone for tea?

Fresh fish Top 10 reasons North Yorkshire and the Dales

The delicious local fresh produce in the region is second to none

Myths and legends

Those who like a good story will be intrigued to hear some of the myths and legends. How about the curious story of Old Mother Shipton in Knaresborough, who, it is claimed, could foresee the future?

Village pubs

Village pubs in North Yorkshire do not always appear that inviting from the outside, often resembling nothing more than a house with a sign. Inside, some still resemble a front room with too many tables. But few things in life have as much character and appeal as a village pub with an open fire burning in the corner and a selection of real ales on hand-pull.

Big name acts

Star musicians make regular appearances at venues in North Yorkshire. Elton John, Stereophonics and Lionel Richie are just some of the big names who have performed at Scarborough Open Air Theatre. Household names also appear at unique concerts held in Dalby Forest.

Big screen appeal

There is a well-trodden path that film makers take to make use of the region’s stunning landscapes. Several films in the Harry Potter trilogy feature the area, with Goathland Station appearing in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. A version of Wuthering Heights used backdrops across the Dales.

Goathland North York Moors

The natural beauty of the North York Moors make it a popular filming location

What views

It isn’t necessarily the number of amazing scenic sights that make North Yorkshire so special, but the variety of views on offer. Pretty seaside towns, rugged coastlines, majestic moors, lush dales, castles, cathedrals and monasteries – this region is perfect if you love to post your travel images on Instagram.

Fetes, fairs and country shows

It can be a lonely existence for those living in the more remote corners of the region and traditional events where people gather together to socialise and celebrate have an important role play in bringing the rural community together. A packed programme of newer festivals has recently sprung up, celebrating everything from beer and walking to pirates and gothic subculture!

Natural history

Many species are now common in North Yorkshire’s countryside for the first time in generations. Otters have returned to several rivers, as have salmon. Red squirrels have gained a foothold on Widdale Fell in the Dales. Buzzards and red kites are now an increasingly common sight, especially around Harrogate and the Dales. Pine martens have even been caught on camera on the Moors.

Kisdon Force Aysgarth

Salmon have now returned to the rivers within North Yorkshire and the Dales

Exciting weather

North Yorkshire’s weather is never dull. On the moors it’s sometimes warm and sunny, but more often it’s wet and windy. When it’s baking inland, the East Coast is the place to go as there’s usually a breeze. And its position straddling the Pennines means the Dales gets more rain, stronger wind, colder temperatures and deeper snow than almost anywhere in the UK.

Place names

Beadlam, Fangdale, Crackpot, Foxup, Blubberhouses, Starbotton, Kettlewell, Deepdale, Cracoe, Chop Gate, Booze and, last but not least, Battywife Beck. Your guess is as good as mine!

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