Fab9: Must Do’s in Pembrokeshire


Pembrokeshire, located in Wales, boasts stunning coastal scenery, including the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Its rich history, diverse wildlife, and charming towns attract visitors year-round for unforgettable experiences.

Velfrey Vineyard


Velfrey Vineyard, Lampeter Velfrey, Near Narberth SA34 0RA

Velfrey Vineyard, nestled in the heart of Pembrokeshire, Wales, is a picturesque estate renowned for its award-winning wines and stunning rural setting. With a dedication to sustainable viticulture practices, Velfrey Vineyard cultivates premium grape varieties, producing a diverse range of sparkling and still white and rosé wines. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the vineyard, sampling the exquisite wines amidst breathtaking scenery. Velfrey Vineyard also hosts events and tastings, providing an immersive experience into the artistry and craftsmanship behind their acclaimed wines.

https://www.velfreyvineyard.com  |  mailto:info@velfrey.com  |  tel:+441994240002

Activity Pembrokeshire Ltd

Boy in canoe

Stackpole, Quay SA71 5LS

Activity Pembrokeshire Ltd is a leading outdoor adventure company in Wales. Offering an array of thrilling experiences, from coasteering and surfing to kayaking and hiking, they cater to all levels of adventurers. Their expert guides ensure safe and memorable outings, whether exploring hidden caves or traversing the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. With a focus on sustainability and environmental conservation, Activity Pembrokeshire Ltd provides eco-friendly adventures that showcase the natural beauty of the region while promoting responsible tourism practices.

https://www.activitypembrokeshire.wales  |  mailto:adventure@activity.cymru  |  tel:+447977543396

Wild Lakes
inflatable on water


Cott Ln, Martletwy, Narberth SA67 8AB

Wild Lakes is the ultimate family day out, filled with quality adventure and unforgettable food! Hang out in our bouldering barn, laugh and bounce along our aqua park, zip up and down the lake on a wakeboard or ringo ride! Dine in our lakeside tipi’s & sip  on welsh roasted coffee with top notch views. Owned & run by 3 local siblings Wild Lakes is not to be missed on your visit to Pembrokeshire

https://www.wildlakeswales.com  |  mailto:contact@wildlakeswales.com  |  tel:+441834891511

Werndale Hospital

Bancyfelin, Carmarthen SA33 5NT

Werndale Hospital, located in Pembrokeshire, Wales, is a leading healthcare facility offering a wide range of medical services to the local community. With state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled medical professionals, Werndale Hospital provides exceptional care in various specialties, including surgery, orthopaedics, and rehabilitation. Committed to patient-centered care, the hospital prioritizes comfort and well-being, ensuring a supportive environment for healing and recovery. Werndale Hospital is recognized for its compassionate approach and commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services to patients across Pembrokeshire and beyond.

https://www.circlehealthgroup.co.uk  |  tel:+441267225600

The Giltar Hotel

Giltar Hotel, 9 Esplanade, Tenby SA70 7DU

The Giltar Hotel, situated in the picturesque town of Tenby in Pembrokeshire, Wales, is a charming and elegant coastal retreat. With breath-taking views of the sea and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, it offers comfortable accommodation and exceptional service. The hotel’s restaurant serves delicious cuisine crafted from locally sourced ingredients, while its cosy bar provides a perfect spot to unwind with a drink. Whether enjoying the nearby beaches or exploring the town’s historic sites, the Giltar Hotel promises a memorable stay on the stunning Pembrokeshire coast.

https://www.giltar-hotel.co.uk  |  mailto:enquiries@giltar-hotel.co.uk  |  tel:+441834842507


Tudor Square, Tenby SA70 7AJ

Jago is an independent Fashion & Lifestyle store based in Tenby and Narberth and founded in 1983. Providing distinctive homewares, jewellery, children’s toys, indie clothing and kitchen accessories. Our now expanding online range combines brand new products along with perennial favourites.The store now stocks a wide range of brands from all over the world,including Barbour, Carhartt WIP, Parlez, Saucony, Veja, Yeti, Rains and Seventy + mochi, YaYa and many more.

https://www.jagotenby.co.uk  |  mailto:info@jagotenby.co.uk  |  tel:+4418348422674

Picton Castle Gardens

Rhos, Haverfordwest SA62 4AS

Nestled in the heart of Pembrokeshire, Picton Castle Gardens is a historic estate renowned for its stunning landscapes and rich horticultural heritage. Dating back over 700 years, the gardens boast a diverse collection of plants, including rare and exotic species. Visitors can wander through enchanting woodland walks, vibrant walled gardens, and tranquil ponds, immersing themselves in natural beauty. Guided tours offer insight into the estate’s fascinating history, while events such as plant fairs and outdoor concerts provide entertainment for all ages, making Picton Castle Gardens a must-visit destination in Pembrokeshire.


Falcon Boats

10 New St, St Davids, Haverfordwest SA62 6SN

Falcon Boats is a premier provider of boat rental services in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Offering a fleet of well-maintained vessels, including motorboats and sailboats, they cater to both experienced sailors and novices. With flexible rental options, adventurers can explore the stunning coastline, secluded coves, and picturesque islands at their own pace. Falcon Boats prioritises safety and customer satisfaction, providing comprehensive briefings and support throughout the rental period, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable boating experience in one of the UK’s most scenic maritime regions.

https://www.falconboats.co.uk  |  mailto:info@falconboats.co.uk  |  tel:+447494141764

Voyages of Discovery

Voyages of Discovery

1 High St, St Davids, Haverfordwest SA62 6SA

For 30 years we have offered only The Finest Expeditions for Families, Groups & Individuals. Voyages of Discovery are a long established boat trip operator, situated in St Davids – Great Britain’s smallest city, and surrounded by the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Ramsey Island, an RSPB reserve, lies a mile offshore and further out are the Offshore Islands. These stretch into the Celtic Deep and the warm climate and nutrient rich waters provide sanctuary to a wide spectrum of wildlife. Such is the biodiversity that this area has been designated a Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

https://www.ramseyisland.co.uk  |  mailto:info@ramseyisland.co.uk  |  tel:+441437721911

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