Top 10 things to do in Pembrokeshire

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There are so many things to do in Pembrokeshire, but here are the top 10. 

Grab a crab roll

Given that the county is hugged by coastline it is no surprise there is plenty of seafood on offer. For a taste of Pembrokeshire, grab a crab roll. Try Café Môr at Freshwater West, The Shed Bistro at Porthgain or Saundersfoot’s Cwlbox – just three of the county’s most popular seafood places.

Try coasteering

Pembrokeshire is the home of coasteering so there’s no better place to give it a whirl. For those unsure, coasteering is the term given to exploring rocky coastlines by jumping, climbing, scrambling and swimming them. It may sound like a sport for adrenaline enthusiasts only but, with the right instructors (and there are plenty of companies in this neck of the woods), it can actually be a family-friendly way to enjoy the coast’s scenery and wildlife.

Group of people coasteering

Give coasteering a go if you’re feeling adventurous!

Get wicked with Welsh chocolate

Just when you thought Pembrokeshire couldn’t get any better, we reveal it has a chocolate factory. Not only that, but the Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Company offers demonstrations, tasters and the opportunity to make your own chocolate. Need we say more?

Walk the Preseli Hills

There are few places better equipped to deliver panoramic views of Pembrokeshire and beyond than the Preseli Hills, or, as they are known locally and historically, Preseli Mountains. Popular with walkers of all abilities, the hills’ highest peak is 536 metres and, weather permitting, those at or near the top can enjoy spectacular views across to Ireland one way and South Wales to the other. It is also a place associated with the legendary King Arthur.

Ride a horse on a beach

If you saw Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe, riding a horse along a Pembrokeshire beach, and fancied following in his hoof prints then saddle up! Marros Riding Centre and Nolton Stables both offer a number of beach horse riding experiences that cater for all skill levels and ages.

Horse riding

Book a horse riding experience along one of Pembrokeshire’s beautiful beaches

Fly an owl

The Secret Owl Garden is home to 25 species of the bird. For those who want to do more than just see the owls fly, you can pay to get up close with a flying experience. You will be shown how to fly three different species of owl from your arm. When you’re finished, make a visit to Picton Castle and Gardens.

Visit St Govan’s chapel

Walk to the cliff at St Govan’s, near Bosherton on the south coast, and you’ll discover the site of what was once a small chapel. It was built in the 14th century at the site of a crack in the rocks where a ‘hermit’ called Saint Govan once lived. If you visit, count the steps down and back up again as the legend has it the number is never the same. Call the Pembroke Visitor Centre ahead to check the way to the chapel is open as it passes through MOD land and can be closed.

Look to the stars

The county is touted as one of the best in the country to view the night sky. Dark Sky Discovery has listed several great star-gazing sites in Pembrokeshire, including Bosherston South car park – where the Milky Way is visible with the naked eye, weather permitting.

St Govans Chapel

Visit the historical St Govans Chapel

Kayak the Daugleddau Estuary

Four rivers converge in Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park to form the Daugleddau estuary – the Western and Eastern Cleddau, Carew and Cresswell. Kayaking is the perfect way to explore the estuary – not only is it quite inaccessible by foot but the scenery from the water is spectacular.

Take flight

If you have a head for heights then a paragliding trip offers arguably the best way to see the county. At Pembrokeshire Paragliding – a local flying school – you can arrange a tandem flight with a qualified instructor and tandem pilot that will last around 30 minutes and include a video of your trip.

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